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The church planter– is much like a man with a love of farming, staring into a wide open, uncultivated field.  He scoops up the soil, and sees what it could be.  And something in his heart longs for the field to produce a crop.  So too, should we – His followers – long to see His kingdom come on earth.  We believe church planting is the greatest means we have to further the gospel of Jesus Christ, make disciples, and shine bright the glory He deserves.   Church planting is never something meant to do alone.  And healthy church planting takes a team.

We are writing this post to ask you to consider joining with us <together> in this calling to church plant.  

We are in need of people committed to praying for us.  For we know, this must be the foundation of everything we do!  It is the most vital element of support we will need as church planters.  Pray for us, our marriage, our girls, our family.  Pray for others to join us.  Pray for the church we plant. Pray that it will be healthy & strong. Pray that it will reflect God’s desire & His glory.  Pray for the Pacific Northwest.  Pray for the lost to come to Christ.  Pray for His holy spirit to give us boldness.

We are in need of people giving financially along with churches partnering with us.  For the first time in our married lives, we will be completely living on financial support.  We’ve both experienced this during our single years as missionaries, but not married with kids.  We are raising our personal living expenses along with the financial resources needed to help us to plant a church.  This appears to be a daunting task.  Yet, we are leaning on the One who holds all we need.

Visit our partners website at:  www.bridgecitywa.com 

  • To sign up for our prayer team and receive monthly prayer updates
  • To give a one time or recurring financial gift and sign up to receive our monthly financial updates
  • To sign up for our general church planting monthly update (will also be available on the BridgeCity facebook page)

Thank you for your love & support!



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