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Husband Love, Mother-in-law Love & GOD OF THE UNIVERSE GRATEFULNESS

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Every February 25th, every Mother’s Day and at times days between….  my heart is overwhelmed to the point of no containing.  Because in those moments I’m reminded again of a miracle gift God has given me.  In the cross of Christ we find all the gift we ever need.  And what never ceases to amaze me is how the God of the Universe still extends such love & mercy upon us…found in so many other small & less than small ways.

Next to my saving grace…  the birth of my husband & best friend is the greatest gift I’ve known.   And the journey of this life we’ve known together…of two beautiful girls who have joined us…of all the lives touched because you are here.  This so easily could not have been.  And that thought brings me to my knees.

I have a beautiful mother-in-law.  She’s beautiful in many ways.  But 33 years ago she displayed beauty as she gave birth to a son she chose to keep.  Knowing she could have so easily kept the appointment to end his life sends chills to my heart.  Knowing how tender a young mother’s heart was in the recent loss of her 5 year old daughter to cancer’s grip, knowing that as she stood with another toddler daughter & a marriage fallen apart…  she was raw.  Another baby really didn’t make sense.  But knowing her heart still listened to that still small voice speaking…”Don’t take this baby’s life…there is a destiny upon its life…”   Later she would know in full this God who sent his spirit to dwell among us and offered redemption at the cross…But I am so glad she listened & followed even before she realized it was the Holy Spirit at work in her life.  She had no idea on February 25, 1980, as she labored and endured pain, just how grateful I’d be for her deep mother’s love that brought my husband into this world.  GOD OF THE UNIVERSE GRATEFULNESS.

I sometimes don’t like the fact that I’m two and a half years older than Nate.  But God also used that fact in a great way.  From the time I was born, my parents began investing in prayer for each of their 4 children’s future spouses.  My parents were praying for Nate even before his conception!  In fact had a few years of investing before his birthday on February 25, 1980.  I am so thankful for Godly parents who loved me that much.  GOD OF THE UNIVERSE GRATEFULNESS.

Nathan Michael McGlinchy… I will never be able to put into words or actions just how grateful I am that God brought our lives together on the other side of the world in Central Asia.  You are all I ever dreamed in a husband.  And you love me so well.  I cannot nor do I want to imagine my life without you.  He has gone to great lengths for both of us….ultimately through choosing us and bringing us into his family.  But you are my favorite earthly sign of his love to me.  GOD OF THE UNIVERSE GRATEFULNESS.

And February 25th will always be one of my most favorite days of the year!

Happy 33rd Birthday my love!  I am so glad you are here.




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