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The Making of the Tonic

So here is the quick version of the making of the Master Tonic, that my Father-in-law has gotten us hooked on.  This stuff is potent!  Although I really don’t think its too bad to take once made, but I do recommend making when no one is coming over that day.  They say it is good for all sorts of health benefits.  Its a natural antibiotic:  anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic.  You can find more detailed information by simply googling “master tonic”.  But here is a bit of info…

Its 5 equal parts of:  garlic, onion (i use white), ginger root, horseradish root & hot peppers (i use serrano). I prefer everything fresh & preferably organic as well.

You want everything chopped fine (i use a food processor – and you don’t want it so fine its pureed).  You can leave peels on (as its going to be removed from liquid anyway and there are good nutrients in the skin too).  This makes it easier to make as well.   Several of these items are hot & cause me many tears.

I use a large glass jar, measure 5 equal marks (from bottom to about 3/4 of the way up so there’s room for vinegar).  The key is that you want equal parts by volume.


Then you add your apple cider vinegar.  This should be raw, unbleached, undistilled, and unfiltered.  I use Bragg’s.  Leave some room at the top so you can mix it well.  Close & shake.  Leave this mixture for 14 days, shaking it daily or whenever you pass by it.  I leave mine  on the counter so I remember to do so.


After the 14 days, you are ready to strain the mixture.  You want to filter it through a clean piece of cloth or filter (like a cheesecloth or even new paint strainers work well and are cheap) and remove the pulp.  This is best done over a large bowl.  Then funnel into smaller glass containers of your choice.  I use either canning jars (quarts) or putting back into the empty Bragg’s bottles works great too (these are nice to pour from).  And you’re ready to use!  Its really up to you how much you take.  But we take in 1 -2 oz dosage (from a shot glass) one or two times a day.  The girls take a smaller dosage (just what they can easily swallow).  Swish and swallow.  This should be a one swallow deal.  ; )

If treating an infection, you can increase the dose.  Again, its natural, so you don’t have too much to worry about…except possibly scaring your friends away.

*We have found this to help our girls allergies, along with Elli’s asthma, plugged noses & sinus issues (imagine the horseradish!), and help ward off cold & flu.  Nate has also found it really great for heart burn.  And all around its a good immune booster!

Enjoy!  And here’s to giving big Pharma a little less business!  ; )



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