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Dominican Trip 2012 – Note & Video


This is more than a bit delayed. And I take the responsibility, as Allayah has had her thank you note typed up for months now. It is never too late to say thanks and it is a value I hope to instill in my girls (not the procrastination bit though). We are grateful for much. So, here it is…. a very BIG thanks to all who gave financially, prayed & gave other sweet gifts like handmade journals, photo albums, a hotel stay in NYC so the early morning wouldn’t have to be quite so early, and rides to & from JFK (so I didn’t have to face my fears of big city driving!). THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!

It is such a treasure that she was able to tag along with Nate to the Dominican Republic this past Spring, while he spoke & lead worship for the Mission Adventure group. And I’m sure was an experience she will never forget. She did great. And I was so proud of how she made friends, attempted the language barrier (thank you Lindsay for being a great example) and the way she got her hands (in fact, her whole body) dirty digging into the home building project. She loved the painting and it was obvious when I saw the clothes she brought home to me.

Below is her note (unedited) that she typed for her supporters. ; ) And a slideshow with some pics that she took (or Nate on his iphone or the talented Lindsay Spang).   And P.S. —  this is not taking the place of a handwritten note coming through the mail!  But we wanted to have the video posted on the blog so you could see it.

From my full mother’s heart…  my thanks too!   Love you all!



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