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Fundraiser: THE PUZZLE

Somewhere I saw this idea and I thought it was a super one!  I’ve made it custom fit for us…and I’m really excited about it!  In theory, it could be a great fundraising tool, along with sentimental (two things that made me like this idea).

So here’s how it works….

We had the initial picture we used to go public with our announcement of adopting from Ethiopia – made into a 300 piece puzzle.  We are giving you the opportunity to “sponsor” a piece for $25/each.  On the back of the puzzle piece we will write your name (as you would like it written).  Once the puzzle is complete…we will seal coat it and put it in a clear back frame.  This will then be an incredible reminder of all the people who came together to bring our orphan(s) home.  And something for them & us, to treasure as we remember & thank him for his provision (of finances, love & support).   I imagine I will shed a few tears (more than once I’m sure) as I show them the back & read all the names (and tell them how we know them) to our son or daughter…..

The practical part– if all 300 pieces get sponsored, this fundraiser alone would raise $7500.

So if you’d like to be a part of this…  you can snail mail cash or a check to – Becky or Nate McGlinchy (please email us through the blog or facebook for our mailing address if needed).  Please include a note that lets us know how many pieces you are sponsoring and what name(s) you’d like on the puzzle pieces.

You could choose to sponsor one piece/family (Ex.  The McGlinchy’s)  for $25.   Or you could sponsor one piece/family member (Ex. Nate, Becky, Allayah, Elli) for $100.


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