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Excitement Beyond Words

We have been officially accepted into Lifeline Children Services Ethiopian adoption program!!!  

So Nate had wanted me to post last night…right away following our call.  But I just didn’t have it in me.  And its not real often I’m at a loss for words.  Nothing could have prepared me for the feeling it’d be to actually get the call saying we’d been approved to pursue adoption through Lifeline.  In all honesty, it was the very same dance in your stomach that you have when you pee on a stick and the line becomes a plus.  I had no idea it would be like that.

And so it begins…   The greatest fundraising of our lives.  The need is great.  But our faith is in a great Provider.  The total $ amount will fall somewhere in the $30,000 range!    And the greatest paperwork journey we’ve ever been on!  In fact, just the beginning manual to work through to get to the next step contains 99 pages!  So instead of sitting back for 9 months with little you can do to cause birth-day to come.  We have LOTS we need to do.

Please pray for us as we ask for his overwhelming provision…  Our hearts are to diligently do all we can to be creative & sacrificial in our own efforts to see this through.  Ultimately knowing we are in great need of him.   Please pray for our little one(s).  And please pray that this working out of the gospel in our hearts will go deeper than we’ve ever known before!  To the praise of his glory!

NEXT STEPS:   Raise the $2,416.66 needed for the first installment to Lifeline.   Read through the 99 page manual along with signing several of the documents to return to the Lifeline office.




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