Family Photos

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First Feature Image

This section contains posts with our family photos (or will once we get them back up). Follow through the years as our family grows in number; in height (for the girls); and in length (Nate’s beard).

Adoption Posts

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We are currently in process to adopt from Ethiopia through LifeLine Adoption Agency. Follow our journey as we prayerfully await the addition to our family of the beautiful little one(s) God has planned for us.

Church Planting

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We felt God transitioning us at the beginning of 2013 from our church family in NJ, to a new church planting adventure. In August 2013 we relocated to WA State and are currently preparing to launch BridgeCity.

McGlinchy Family Blog

Our blog was hacked and the database was corrupted - we were able to recover some data, but not all. We will try to get the rest of the blog back together over the next few weeks. Thank you for your patience.